Department Of Anaesthesia

Dr. Nikhil Hiremath

Dr. Nikhil Hiremath, is the head of our Department of Anaesthetics. He has done his MD in Anaesthetics from Shivaji University owning experience of over 10 years in handling I.C.U. and assisting Supra major surgeries.

Dr. Sandeep Patil

Dr. Sandeep Patil (MD Anaesthesia) has experience of over 15 years in handling ICU and Supra major surgeries.

Dr. Suhas Patil

Dr. Suhas Patil (Diploma in Anaesthesiology) has over 8 years of experience in post-operative cardiac care and assisting in all major cardiac surgeries are also the anaesthetists in the department. They have been individually assisting in over 1000 surgeries per month.


The department of Anaesthesia, under Dr. Nikhil Hiremath and Dr. Sandeep Patil, has a critical role to play in a hospital. This department in our hospital is deeply committed to best practice and continuous quality improvement. We have 2 operation theatres, which cater for all major types of adult surgery with the specialization of paediatric heart surgery.

The pre-operative assessment, anaesthesia, post-operative and pre-operative medical care of patients undergoing surgeries are provided by this department. Patient evaluation, information and patient education is provided by our team before giving anaesthesia to the patients. Along with providing anaesthesia services for inpatient and outpatient surgery, the anaesthetists at 7 Orange Hospital also handles cases requiring non-surgical diagnostic and therapeutic procedures.

The department has a well-coordinated acute pain service, with the committed members of the Department who are dedicated to the highest standards of their specialty. Members of the Department are well known for their leadership and technical skills. They are well oriented with procedures involved in Cardiopulmonary bypass. Our anaesthetists are well trained with the latest technology and safe techniques to maximize the comfort and safety of the patients.

Specialities includes:

  • Cardiac Anaesthesia
  • Paediatric Cardiac Anaesthesia
  • Transplant Surgeries
  • Cardiac Pain Management
  • Maxillo Facial and Plastic Anaesthesia
  • Urosurgical Anaesthesia (including Endoscopic Procedures)
  • Orthopaedic Anaesthesia
  • Vascular Anaesthesia
  • Cardio-Thoracic Anaesthesia
  • Emergency & Trauma Anaesthesia
  • Airway Management


  • Endotracheal Intubation
  • Central Venous Catheter Insertion
  • Intercostal Drainage Tube Insertion
  • Pleural Effusion Tapping
  • Ascitis Tapping
  • Bone Marrow Aspiration and Biopsy
  • Temporary Pacemaker Insertion
  • Foleys Catheter and Ryle’s Tube Insertion
  • Treatment of Critically ill patients

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