Radio Diagnosis & Imaging

Department Of Radiology

Dr. Kiran Sudhare

Dr. Kiran Sudhare, is our Radiology Consultant and heads our Radiology Department. He is an imaging expert and has specialised training in obtaining and interpreting medical images obtained by using x-rays (Radiographs, CT, Fluoroscopy), Radioactive Substances (Nuclear Medicine), and other means such as sound waves (Ultrasound) or body’s natural magnetism (MRI).


Dr. Kiran Sudhare heads the department of Radiology, and manages a centralized process of diagnostic, therapeutic and consultative services with the use of modern equipment.

The team of radiologists under Dr. Kiran Sudhare is committed to personalized patient care. The Department of Radiology at 7 Orange Hospital is staffed by trained team which perform and interpret diagnostic imaging procedures. The centre tries to excel in providing comprehensive range of medical imaging procedures in general radiography, subspecialty areas and cross sectional imaging. Our radiological technologists and radiologists use state of the art scanners that provides crystal clear high resolution images to bring tertiary care in the reach of the common man.

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