Dr. Satyajeet Suryawanshi

Dr. satyajeet is best Cardiologist In Pimpri- Chichwad- Cardiology Hospital in PCMC

Interventional Cardiologist In Pimpri- Chinchwad

Dr. Satyajeet Suryawanshi One Of  The Best Cardiologist  Practicing at 7 Orange Hospital in Pimpri- chinchwad .


M.B.B.S. from M.U.H.S., Mumbai (2004)

F.C.P.S. (Medicine) from KEM Hospital, Pune (2009)

D.N.B. (Cardiology) from National Board of Examination, New Delhi


Dr. Satyajeet Suryawanshi is one of the Experienced Interventional Cardiologists at 7 Orange Hospital in Pimpri-chinchwad, Pune. He has completed his graduation and post graduation from Mumbai (SION Hospital) and Pune (KEM Hospital). He subsequently underwent super specialization in the field of Cardiology from prestigious JASLOK Hospital Mumbai (DNB Cardiology) under the able guidance of stalwarts like Dr Ashwin Mehta, Dr. Sushil Munshi, Dr. Kaustubh Vaidya, Dr. Ajit Desai, Dr. S. R. Handa and Dr. Asit Shah.

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Furthermore, cardiologist Dr. satyajeet Suryawanshi pursued a post-doctoral Fellowship in Cardiac Intervention and Electrophysiology under able guidance of Dr. Vivek Kumar, Vanita Arora and Dr. K. K. Talwar in MAX Hospitals, New Delhi. He is a renowned Cardiac Consultant or Cardiologist in Pune who also believes in providing high quality information to patients about their health condition and practices evidence based medicine. Dr Suryawanshi has special interest in Pacemaker implants and is trained for implants of all pacemakers including the high end ones.

Our Cardiologist Dr. Suryawanshi has had a ‘Hands on’ CRT implant Experience in National University Hospital (Singapore) and in Ethernal Heart Hospital (Jaipur). He has numerous research papers and review Articles published in cardiology texts and journals. Cardiologist Dr. Satyajeet Suryawanshi also takes interest in non-invasive cardiology like ECHO’s, Dobutamine stress ECHO’s. Tilt table testing, Ambulatory BP monitoring and Event recorders.


Years Experience

Cardiologist Mark


Success Rate


MMC Registration No



Coronary Angioplasty

It is a procedure in which balloon is used to widen and stretch open blocked or narrowed coronary arteries.


Coronary Angiography

It is special X-ray test done to find out the location and extent of any blockage or narrowing of the coronary. It helps to decide if treatment, such as, angioplasty, stent, coronary artery bypass surgery (CABG) or medical therapy is needed


Fellowship in Cardiac Intervention & Electrophysiology, Max Hospitals (New Delhi) in 2013

Cardiologist's Focus Areas

Certificate Courses

  • SCAI Fellows course held in NIC 2014 in April at Kochi
  • Fellows Course in India Live 2012 in Mumbai in February 2011
  • Medtronic’s PREP Module – Aug 2013; Hands-on experience of Lead Implantation
  • Fellows Course in India Live 2012 in New Delhi in February 2012
  • Medtronic’s MEDSTEP Workshop by Medtronic for Coronary Interventions – 2011
  • Medtronic’s MEDPACE Workshop by Medtronic for PPM & AICD – 2012
  • CTO Workshop 2011 – Jaslok hospital 2011
  • Rotablation Workshop – Jaslok Hospital 2012
  • Coronary Bifurcations workshop – Jaslok Hospital 2012
  • ISECON Arrhythmia meet 2011 – Goa
  • ECG Learning Course held at Central Railway Hospital by the Indian Society of Electrocardiology, Mumbai in July 2007
  • National Pulse Polio Program attended in 2001 and 2004


“Left Atrial Spindle Cell Sarcoma”; Indian Heart Journal; July-August 2012, (64) 416-419

“Coronary Bifurcation Lesions- The Challenges”; CSI Cardiology Update; 2012, 136-148

“Cardiac Event Monitoring”; Chapter in Electrophysiology Handbook Published for Indian Heart Rhythm Society; Oct 2013 in Chennai

“ACS- Management Strategies Recent Advances”; CSI Cardiology Update; 2014

“IABP- Role Redefined”; CSI Cardiology Update; 2015

“AF and Pulmonary Embolism”; Atrial Fibrillation Update; 2016


Conferences Participated

  • Presented a seminar in Cardiovascular Society of India (Delhi Chapter) on Atrial Preference Pacing, August 2013
  • Presented a seminar in Cardiovascular Society of India (Pune Chapter) on RCA CTO using Anchoring Balloon Technique
  • Presented an Interesting case of Antegrade CTO technique using Anchoring Balloon Technique in the National Intervention Council meet held in April 2014 (Kochi)
  • EURO – PCR 2014: “IDEAL registry”; Seminar and Abstract presentation on ‘PCI of Long and Extra-long lesions’ in May 2014 held in Paris

Conferences Attended

  • Euro PCR 2014 meeting held in Paris
  • CSI annual meeting (Pune chapter 2013)
  • National Interventional council (NIC) conference 2011 held in New Delhi
  • National Interventional council (NIC) conference 2013 held in Calcutta
  • 64th Annual Conference of the Cardiological Society of India held in New Delhi in December, 2012
  • Clinical Cardiology Update 2013 held in Madras Medical Mission in Chennai in January 2013
  • Congenital Disease and Anesthesia – Basics and new insights; educational program held by the Association of Cardiovascular Thoracic Anesthesiologists – Mumbai in Mumbai in December 2012
  • Indian Cardiology Summit held by the Indian International Forum of Cardiology in Mumbai in March 2012
  • Third National Course on Cardiovascular Interventions, India Live-2012 in New Delhi in February 2012
  • Clinical Cardiology Update held in Frontier Lifeline and Dr. K.M Cherian Heart Foundation Institute in Chennai in January 2012
  • 63th Annual Conference of the Cardiological Society of India held in Mumbai in December, 2011
  • Cardiology Summit 2011, Mumbai in October 2011
  • Cardiology Summit 2011, Mumbai 2013
  • CAD Asia Intervention Summit (CAIS) in Pune in September, 2011
  • CAD Asia Intervention Summit (CAIS) in Pune in September, 2012
  • i-Fisch 2011, Interactive Forum for Intervention in Structural and Congenital Heart Disease 2011 at Sri Jayadeva Institute of Cardiovascular Sciences and Research in August 2011
  • Cardiology update – CME in Mumbai in May 2011
  • APICON 2010 held in Jaipur from 7th January to 10th January, 2010
  • KIMS Clinical Cardiology meeting 2012 – Hyderabad

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